Monday, July 27, 2009

OW!!! Rihanna Draped In Pearls!!!

So Rihanna, the disputable queen of "urban punk" fashion, was seen in London last week at the premier of "Inglorius Basterds" rockin' a layered (notice the trend?) mass of long, bright -and loud- pearls. Talk about statement jewelry! Her accessories were the main event- opting to offset the bling with an all black, monotone jumpsuit (another serious trend this summer). Pearls, lace, bright red lipstick...who else can make all these vintage elements look so modern? (I'm sure the mohawk has something to do with it...). Either way, it looks like whatever fashion risks she takes, Rihanna can do no wrong!

Want this look but lacking access to her closet? Or better yet...her bank account? See below for more options in a variety of price ranges...

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